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Just For Kicks Stables - We Breed Amateur-Friendly Horses with World-Class Pedigrees

Just For Kicks (JFK) Stables is a warmblood horse breeding operation producing well started, impeccably mannered amateur mounts for the Hunter, Jumper &/or Dressage rings.

All foals are the direct result of selection & specific pairings of mares & stallions of the finest, internationally, recognized bloodlines. Each foal is raised with a hands-on approach that begins @ the moment of birth.

After weaning, young foals spend time together in a small herd, until they reach two years of age @ which time they are introduced to round pen work, based on natural horsemanship techniques. These two year olds spend time in training for one month, followed by release back into their small herd until they are three year olds. As three year olds each has a re-fresher in the round pen, is desensitized to a variety of frightening objects & then started slowly & gently under saddle. Our aim is to produce mounts that are light in the hand & responsive to riders' leg/aids.

We began warmblood breeding in 2008 and are extremely excited to announce that our foals derived from those first few years of breeding are now ready for competition & sales.

Evolution, a young gelding also derived from those beginning years, will be shown competitively this coming 2017 show season and is available for sale!

JFK Stables is named after "Misty" a 14.2 hand pony who came into our lives @ the age of 13 but regretably left us when she was aged 23. Besides assisting my daugther, Meghan, to become the avid horse woman, she is today, Misty assisted numerous youngsters on their personal journey of life-long love of being with & around horses. Misty was one of those ponies few of us get the opportunity to learn to appreciate, gain experience from & share in partnership of mutual respect & love. It is with this in mind that our stables are named to honour her and to never lose sight of our origins with Just For Kicks.

JFK Stables is located just five minutes south east of Brandon

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Just For Kicks Stables - Quality Warmblood Horses near Brandon, Manitoba